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We Build Trust
Tell the Truth
Work Hard
Follow the Rules
Love Others
Have Fun

We Build TrustTell the Truth, Work Hard, Follow the Rules, Love Others, Have Fun

Sarah Stands Strong

This week’s Frontida Hero is Sarah at Adelaide Place. Sarah started at Adelaide Place a year ago as a high school student and faced a significant learning curve in caregiving. However, Sarah was up to the challenge and is now calm in crisis, great at training others, and confident in sharing creative ideas. Sarah, thank […]

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Natasha Nails Nautical Aventures!

Our Frontida Hero today is Natasha at Magnolia House. Natasha planned an incredible boat cruise with residents from both Magnolia House and Wabash Home. Family members also joined in! Natasha, thank you for loving others and having fun in your work.

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Francine Follows The Rules

Our Frontida Hero today is Francine at Fardale Home. Francine noticed a missing pill from a medication packet when it was delivered by double checking the count instead of just assuming it it was correct. Francine, thank you for working hard and following the rules!

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Lydia Locks The Leak

Our Frontida Hero today is Lydia at Willowgreen Home. A sink overflowed at Willowgreen Home on the 4th of July, and instead of responding in panic Lydia calmly figured out how to stop the sink from overflowing and then cleaned up all of the water. Lydia, thank you for following the rules and being super […]

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