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We Build Trust
Tell the Truth
Work Hard
Follow the Rules
Love Others
Have Fun

We Build TrustTell the Truth, Work Hard, Follow the Rules, Love Others, Have Fun

Terrific Tina!

This week’s Frontida Hero is Tina, manager at Wabash Home and Magnolia House. Tina’s team member, Sonja, nominated Tina to be a Hero, and her entire team loves her amazing work ethic, clear communication, inspiring leadership, and ability to build community. Tina, thank you for living all of Frontida’s values in everything you do!

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Kellie Cares!

This week’s Frontida Hero is Kellie, the driver for Wabash Home & Magnolia House.¬†While waiting for a resident at an appointment, she saw a man who walking in trip and fall. She ran to him, asked him questions to make sure he was ok, helped him up, and put his mind at ease. Kellie, thank […]

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Connor & Katlyn Are The Sweetest Valentines!

This week’s Frontida Heroes are Connor and Katlyn from Azalea Place. A resident went into the hospital over Valentine’s Day, and Connor and Katlyn brought the resident flowers and special items from the resident’s room to make them comfortable. Connor and Katlyn also visited the resident several times this week to give them special Valentine’s […]

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Shanika Shines!!!

This week’s Frontida Hero is Shanika at Willowgreen Home. Shanika approached her manager with a great idea for arranging a resident’s room to be more convenient, and the team at Willowgreen Home quickly made the transformation happen. Shanika, thank you for loving others at work!

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Julie Is Always Growing!!!

This week’s Frontida Hero is Julie from Golden Oaks Home. Julie been with Frontida since day one and lives out Frontida’s values. Julie has worked at all of Frontida’s homes in the Milwaukee area and is willing to go outside her comfort zone to love others. Julie, we are thankful for you!

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