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Magnolia House • Milwaukee, WI

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Char Williams, Magnolia House Administrator

Magnolia House is a home serving older adults with mental illness.  There are 20 private bedrooms, 6 of these rooms have private bathrooms, in addition to the home’s 8 semi-private bathrooms.  Our caregivers have specialized training in caring for people with challenging behaviors.  Although our residents at Magnolia House are not able to safely live alone,  some are quite independent.  Many of our residents enjoy being out in the community.

Magnolia House can accommodate adults who are able to walk with a cane or walker and the home is equipped with an elevator.  Several residents have lived at Magnolia House for many years and enjoy the camaraderie of their housemates and longtime caregivers.

Caring for a loved one with mental illness can be difficult.  Frontida caregivers are a consistent support to our residents who need routine meals, on time medications, housekeeping and daily monitoring in order to help them remain stable and healthy, both mentally and physically.

8919 N. Michele Street Milwaukee, WI 53224 414.355.2121